What Should I Do If I Have a Tooth Knocked Out

Having a tooth knocked out is a fairly common injury. In fact, around 5 million Americans have a tooth knocked out every year. These injuries are likely to happen during an automobile accident or whilst playing sport.

What should you do if one of your teeth has been knocked out? Follow the steps below carefully and there is a fair chance that your tooth can be saved.

How can I save a knocked-out tooth?

Step 1 Find the tooth

You may need to do a little searching but try to find your tooth quickly. Once found, carefully lift the tooth by placing your fingers on the part of the tooth that is normally visible when inside the mouth. Never pick up a tooth by the root. This could permanently damage the tooth.

Step 2 Rinse the tooth

If your tooth has fallen out of your mouth then you will need to rinse off any dirt. Don’t be tempted to use any cleaning products this too could damage the tooth.

Step 3 Carry the tooth to the surgeon

The surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery provide emergency treatments and can place the tooth back for you. It’s important that you carry the tooth to the surgeon in a proper way. The easiest option is to place the tooth back in the mouth between the gum and cheek. If your injury does t allow you to do that then place it in a container full of milk or Save-a-Tooth®. Placing it in a container of water can damage the tooth.

Step 4 Call ahead to the surgeon

Before you make your way to the surgeon give them a call to let them know you are coming. Give them details about your accident and your condition. Time is very critical when saving your tooth. If the surgeons make the preparations before you arrive then there is a higher chance of saving your tooth. Along with the treatment, the surgeon will explain how you can care for the tooth to make a good recovery.

What Happens If My Tooth Cannot Be Saved?

In some cases, the knocked-out tooth cannot be saved. The surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery recommend that you replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. Although there are many options to choose from, dental implants have some added advantages that are essential for good oral health. Dental implants replicate natural teeth in many ways. For example, the titanium post that is fixed to your jaw replicates the function of the root of a natural tooth. It will help keep the jaw bone strong making it less likely that you will lose other teeth or the existing teeth coming out of their original place. The titanium post will be fitted with a natural-looking crown making it difficult to distinguish between a natural tooth. If you are interested in dental implants then speak either to your regular dentist or surgeon. Both will coordinate the work together so that your oral function can continue as it was before.

How Can I Reduce The Risk of Having My Tooth Knocked Out?

Taking the necessary safety precautions during high-risk activity can go a long way in protecting your teeth. If you are participating in a sport and there is a probability of receiving an impact to the face then you should wear a gum shield and a helmet, if it’s permitted.

When traveling by car, also remember to fasten your seatbelt before setting off. Many teeth are lost during collisions with the steering wheel or front seats in a vehicle.

Not all teeth are lost during collisions though. Some teeth are not knocked out but fall out or are removed because of decay or gum disease. You can prevent this from happening by caring for your oral health. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once a day. Regular visits to the dentist is also another preventative measure to care for your oral health.

If you require any emergency dental treatment including placing back a knocked-out tooth then don’t hesitate to call the surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery.

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