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If your wisdom teeth are impacted or causing other issues like overcrowding or alignment problems, contact the team of expert oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology, in Fairfield, California. The provider extracts wisdom teeth and offers customized care to protect your smile and your oral health. Call the practice or schedule a consultation online today for state-of-the-art surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

Why would I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

There are many reasons why you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed. One of the most common reasons is that your wisdom teeth are impacted in your jaw. This means that your third molars get trapped in your jaw and can’t emerge correctly. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to cysts, infections, and abscesses. One type of infection is known as pericoronitis.

Other reasons you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed include:

  • There isn’t enough space in your jaw for them
  • They push your other teeth together and cause alignment issues
  • They don’t fully emerge

It’s hard to clean your wisdom teeth effectively, so any problems in the back of your mouth like overcrowding or partially emerged teeth can attract and trap bacteria, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

What happens during the surgical removal of wisdom teeth?

The surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology use state-of-the-artWisdom Tooth Extraction Fairfield, CA anesthesia services to ensure your comfort during the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. You will simply drift off and wake up when the surgery is complete.

While you’re sleeping, your oral surgeon uses cutting edge technology to remove your wisdom teeth while minimizing trauma to your jaw. In some cases, they can wiggle your wisdom teeth loose and pull them from the socket. However, if your teeth are impacted or partially emerged, they may need to make small incisions in your gums to access and extract your teeth. 

How should I prepare for my wisdom teeth removal procedure?

You should have a light dinner the night before your appointment and not eat or drink after midnight. Make sure to remove any nail polish from your fingernails and wear a short-sleeved shirt. A friend or family member will need to drive you to and from your appointment as you will be groggy after having anesthesia. 

How should I take care of my mouth after my wisdom tooth surgery?

After your wisdom teeth extraction, you can go home after you recover from the anesthesia. Don’t rinse your mouth or brush your teeth until 24 hours have passed. Even then, rinse gently with a salt-water solution. Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. 

You will have some minor bleeding and swelling. You can relieve any discomfort with ice packs, and your doctor provides customized advice about pain-relieving medication. You can stop bleeding by firmly biting on clean gauze for 45 minutes. 

You may want to stick to soft foods for a few days. Do not use a straw — the pressure of sucking on a straw can loosen clots that form in your wisdom tooth sockets to protect them while they heal. You should not use any cigarettes, tobacco products, or vape devices while your mouth heals. 

If you’re looking for an experienced oral surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth, call Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology or make an appointment online today. 



During your wisdom tooth extraction, you will be given the needed medication to feel comfortable and pain-free. You may either receive a local anesthetic or general anesthetic depending on the condition of the wisdom tooth. You may also be given a sedative to keep calm throughout the extraction. During your consultation before the surgery, you will have an opportunity to speak to your surgeons about your personal preferences and a medication plan will be tailored for you. After the extraction, you can cover any pain with over-the-counter painkillers.


You will be able to return home after your wisdom tooth has been extracted. Arrange for someone to drive you home as the sedatives will have a strong effect until the next day. You will want to spend some time recovering and preserving the blood clot that has formed in the gum. The gum will take between 7 and 10 days to heal but you can go back to light activity after a couple of days. During the time your gum is healing you will need to eat softer foods like pasta, egg, and yogurt. Also, avoid vigorous rinsing. After the gum is healed you can return to your normal diet. 


You may experience some residual bleeding for the first 48 hours after your wisdom tooth has been extracted. You may also have some slight swelling during this time too. However, if you suffer from the symptoms in the bullet points below then call the surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery as soon as possible.

  • Heavy bleeding or extreme pain after 4 hours since the extraction
  • Indications of infection including chills
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • An excessive amount of discharge 
  • Coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain.

You can expect your gum to heal after 7 to 10 days after your wisdom tooth has been extracted.


Usually, the cost to remove wisdom teeth ranges from $300-$2500. Much will depend on the type of extraction needed, whether a simple extraction or surgical extraction. The use of anesthesia and the need for x-rays will also impact the overall cost.

If you’re looking for an experienced oral surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth, call Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology or make an appointment online today.

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