Problems Because of Missing Teeth

You have a golden red, sweet, delicious apple before you. Unfortunately, you’re not able to enjoy it. This is a common problem when you have missing teeth. 

Some may have tooth loss due to various reasons such as trauma, tooth decay, gum disease, and poor oral health. 

Many people don’t realize missing teeth, or even just one missing tooth, have other side effects. This article will discuss these consequences and offer solutions to complete your smile.  

Why Should You Fix Your Missing Teeth?

It is important to have all your natural teeth because they give us a natural bite alignment. This is important for chewing and many other health advantages. 

When you have all your teeth, you are able to enjoy a diverse, healthy diet. But this is disturbed when you have a missing tooth. 

Think of it as a missing link in a chain. The gumline and bone are all connected. When you have missing teeth, dental shifting and gum recession can happen. When this happens, new spots for decay and bone loss can show up. This can result in more problems due to missing teeth. 

Your smile is often one of the first things people notice. When you have missing teeth, it can cause low self-esteem. Research has shown it has even contributed to mental health problems like anxiety or depression. 

When you have missing teeth, you can also have a hard time speaking. Some have felt they will not have success in job interviews because of their missing teeth problems.

What if I Have One Missing Tooth? 

If you have just one tooth missing due to gum disease, this could be because of bone loss. This could mean that the remaining teeth do not have enough bone to support them. It can also put additional stress on your jawbone. 

You may need more than just cosmetic dentistry. You may need bone grafting along with the dental implant if you lack bone support. 

That is why our facility is perfect for you. We offer various services to treat the esthetics and also the reason why you have missing teeth.   

The journal of the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests dental implants for a single missing tooth before other tooth replacement options. The look and function is very close to the original teeth. 

While dental implants are great for a single tooth, hybrid implants are also very effective for multiple missing teeth.

A dental implant normally has 3 parts: a post, a dental crown, and an abutment. Our experienced surgeon will implant the post directly into your bone. This functions like a tooth root, giving your jaw stability. 

This option lasts long term and allows you to maintain great oral hygiene. 

Here at Fairfield Oral Surgery we specialize in dental implants. Why not make an appointment to see what the best option is for you? Our dental professionals are ready to help you. Contact us today for a consultation! 

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