Warning signs of oral cancer

According to information published by the Oral Cancer Foundation, just over 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with some form of oral cancer each year. On top of that, just over 10,000 people will die from this dangerous and deadly disease.

Even worse news, however, is that the sky-high mortality rates associated with oral cancer are not because this disease is particularly difficult to diagnose. In fact, oral cancer is one of the easiest forms of cancer to diagnose.

Instead, these high mortality rates are because it so often goes undiagnosed until it is in more advanced stages.

This is why you’ll need to be sure that you have your dental team regularly checking for signs and symptoms of oral cancer during routine examinations. But it’s also why you yourself should be keeping a close eye on the soft tissue in your mouth to make sure that you spot abnormalities ASAP and have them further investigated.

Today’s the day to make a scheduled appointment if you notice any abnormalities whatsoever.

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer To Be On The Lookout For

Here’s a quick list of some of the potential oral cancer signs you’ll want to be on the lookout for:

  • Sores and lumps that exist in your mouth or your throat
  • Thicker patches of tissue or swelling in your mouth
  • Any lesions that might be red or white
  • Tenderness, numbness, or pain anywhere inside of your mouth
  • A sensation of pain in your ears without any hearing loss
  • Difficulty moving or manipulating your jaw
  • Teeth that are loose for no discernible reason
  • A sore throat that just sort of “lingers”

Should you exhibit any of the symptoms time to have experts at Fairfield Oral Surgery have a closer look.

Here’s How Oral Cancer Is Diagnosed

Should your dentists find some sort of abnormal tissue or symptoms that need to be more closely examined they are likely going to refer you out for a biopsy.

When this happens, the expert oral surgeons here at Fairfield Oral Surgery take the reins to do a deeper dive into the symptoms you may be contending with.

Biopsies are pretty minor procedures (always outpatient procedures, too) where only a small sample of the cells from the abnormal area are collected. This can usually be done with nothing more than local anesthesia, though other anesthesia options are available as well.

The majority of the time these biopsies reveal benign issues that sometimes link back to medical conditions like herpes, fungal infections, and other bacterial/viral issues. But if you’re biopsy confirms that oral cancer exists than a team of Fairfield Oral Surgery, your primary care physician, and oncologists to best figure out how to move forward.

If you’d like our dental experts to provide you with a closer look at your dental health with our oral cancer screening process, contact us here at Fairfield Oral Surgery at your earliest convenience. We will get that scheduled ASAP so you can have the clarity and peace of mind you deserve going forward!

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