How to prepare for oral surgery

No one ever wants to hear that they need oral surgery, but in many cases, a surgical procedure is the best way to protect your oral and dental health. Whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, a dental implant, or another type of surgery, preparation is critical.

During your consultation at Fairfield oral surgery, they give you instructions on how to prepare for oral surgery and what to expect after. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure your surgeon knows about any and all prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements you take. Additionally, tell your surgeon about any health issues, including fears or anxiety about your procedure. 

Here at Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology, our surgeons are committed to delivering outstanding surgical procedures and attentive, holistic patient care, which means that they help you prepare for your surgery to ensure you have the best possible outcome. This is their general advice on how to prepare for oral surgery.

The night before oral surgery

You might feel nervous about your surgery. While this is normal, you can count on the team at Fairfield Oral Surgery to take excellent care of you. Try to relax and enjoy a light, nutritious dinner. You shouldn’t have any alcohol or tobacco products. 

Also, remove any nail polish from your fingernails. The color of your fingernails during surgery is a vital sign for your surgeon to monitor your circulation, and it could interfere with the effectiveness of the oximeter that measures your pulse and circulation during your operation.

The day of surgery

On the day of your oral surgery, you can’t eat or drink anything for at least six hours before your procedure, which includes alcohol and smoking. You can brush and floss your teeth before your appointment, but take care not to swallow any water when you rinse your mouth. Anesthesia relaxes the sphincters and muscles in your digestive tract, including the muscles that prevent food from entering your lungs. 

You also need a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment. Your surgeon won’t release you to go home until you’ve recovered from anesthesia, but you may be groggy, and it won’t be safe for you to drive. If you’re under the age of 18, you need to bring your parent or guardian with you.

When you get dressed, choose comfortable clothing, including a short-sleeved shirt so your surgeon can easily insert the IV for your anesthesia.

Make sure to get to the office in plenty of time to check-in and complete any necessary paperwork. Make sure to bring your identification and your insurance card and paperwork. 

If you’ve had any changes in your health, even something as commonplace as allergy-related post-nasal drip, cold symptoms, or a stomach upset, make sure to let the team know when you check-in

Ask questions

The surgeons at Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology want to provide the information you need to feel empowered about your health care. They will answer your questions thoroughly and avoid medical jargon to ensure you get the details you need. Additionally, the office staff can help you complete your paperwork and schedule any follow-up appointments. 

If you’re looking for surgical services near Fairfield in Solano County, call Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology. The team of surgeons has many years of training and experience, enabling them to deliver safe, effective oral surgeries as well as empathetic patient care.

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